LineUp App: gamification of going out. A UX Case study into the world of bar hopping.


Users & Audience

Roles & Responsibilities

Meet the LineUp UX Team:

Scope & Constraints

Research & Synthesis

CEO of LineUp and my team are working on Affinity Mapping exercise
“I” Statements from 2 Affinity Maps
Persona of the LineUp app
User Journey Map for Michael
Problem Statement

Design Opportunities for next version of the app:

Insights gathered from the LineUp user interviews

Designing an Engaging Interface for LineUp Users:

Left: Original MoSCoW Map on whiteboard. Right: Much easier to read summary for final presentation.
Left: Home Screen. Center: Map Screen. Right: when a location is tapped it shows the venue info.
Left: Venue Screen. Center: Rewards Screen. Right: when user reports a screen, user prompted with a screen to spin a wheel for a chance to win free drink.
Left: Task 1. Right: Report on Task 1.
Left: Task 2. Right: Report on Task 2.
Left: Report Pop-up Screen Differences. Right: My Rewards Screen Differences.
Left: Home Screen Differences. Right: Map Screen Differences.
Hi-Fi Usability Report Findings
Virtual Walkthrough of the new LineUp app
Next steps in this project


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